Tuesday, 2 September 2014


The Man - 

My initial thoughts on this man where that he is poor, homeless, not much money, can't afford new clothes and that he spends all his money on cigarets. The reason i though this was because the way he dressed. He has trousers which have patches which shows which makes him look like he can't afford new ones, another point is that he has a large beard that doesn't seemed to be well groomed Also the brown cardigan looks old and with the check shirt makes him look not well of and the beanie looks plain and low down on his head looking like he's trying to hide away. 
This man is in fact Doug Bihlmaier who is standing on Madison Avenue  NYC and he is a shop designer for Ralph Lauren (which is a top main stream brand) and gets to travel the world looking for ideas on how to decorate the shop. 

The Women - 

My initials thoughts on this women where that she is some kind of artist, children's entertainer or designer. The reason for this was because of her clothing. The clothing she is wearing are brightly coloured which have a lot of different patterns and unique designs. Also all the different colours are happy colours which are bright and extravagant which shows that she would be a happy bright and cheerful person, also she has a broken wrist and the cast is even a brightly coloured pink. 
The Person who is in the picture is Anna Piaggi standing in London. She is a model who is very well known in the modelling world and she is wearing clothes that have been given to her by famous clothes designers. Piaggi is well known for never wearing the same clothes twice, she also comes across s different because she is not wearing typical old people clothes she is more out there and that is why the designers like to dress her in there clothing. 

The Man 2 - 

My initial thoughts on this man are that he is an average man probably in his 50's-60's. the reason for this is because he is wearing converse a average pair of trainers, some jeans that don't look very fitted and look worn out at the bottom. Also he is wearing a white shirt with a few buttons at the top undone making him looked relaxed and average also a suit jacket which makes him look higher standard but not super wealthy. 
This man is Calvin Klein who owns the major world wide brand Calvin Klein which is a billion pound company, The company makes all different types of clothing and is especially known for there underwear range. 

Over all this shows that we judge people on what they look like and what they are doing instantly before we even know them we have a picture of what they are like, what class they are, there personality, there job and how much money they have. This piece overall is a perfect example of Representation.  

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