Sunday, 31 August 2014


Five Songs:     

Love Natural - Crystal Fighters - Always Puts me in good mood under any circumstance                  

Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon - listening to it since 2009, never gets old

m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar - 'YOCK, YOCK, YOCK, YOCK'

Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club - Outstanding vocals

Summer - Courteeners

Five Albums: 

Coexist - The XX - Calm and relaxing, extraordinary beats, (Main songs - Chained and Fiction)

Torches - Foster The People - A album of very unique rhythms, beats and vocals, (Main songs - Call it what you want, Waste, Pumped up kids) 

This Modern Glitch - Wombats - An album with songs based on how the modern world is getting took over by technology (Main songs - Walking Disasters, 1996 and Techno fan) 

Graduation - Kanye west - My Vision of real hip hop (Main songs - Good life, Flashing Lights and Homecoming) 

Brand New Machine - Chase & Status - Amazing dance/electronic music(Main songs - lost & not found, Alive and Blk & Blu) 

Five Films:

Super Bad - A super funny comedy based on Two high school seniors that are pressured to deal with getting separated and going different schools,  after their plan to stage a booze influenced party to impress girls goes on an unexpected course. 
Olympus Has Fallen - A Dramatic Action/Thriller where ex presidential guard gets caught up in a terrorist attack on the white house using his knowledge he has to work with national security to rescue the kidnapped president and save america.

Bad Neighbours - A action packed comedy where a couple with a newly born child has to do deal with a fraturnity house that moves in next door, ending up in a war and a variety of funny pranks. 

Pineapple Express - Another Hilarious comedy where a ex convict and his Drug dealer end up on the run from hit men and a corrupt police officer after they witness his dealer's boss murder a competitor.

Fast and Furious 6 -  A car crew gathers there member together from across the country to take down a mastermind who commands an Army drivers across many different countries.

Five Tv shows:

Breaking Bad - A crime/thriller where a family man called Walter White, has been told he has cancer he now needs to get money to supply to his family for the future years. The chemistry teach and genius decides to hook up with one of his ex students called Jesse and cook the purist crystal meth on
the market. 

Dexter - A crime/thriller where a man named Dexter who is a Miami forensics expert, also is a serial killer, but theres a twist he only kills people who he thinks have escaped justice.

White Collar - A crime/comedy where a white collar criminal teams up with the FBI to help catch other white collar criminals by using his experties to counter them and figure out how they did it.

Skins - A comedy/drama about a group of teenager kids growing up showing them trying to build friendships, find happiness and love despite being badly influenced by their parents.

Suits -  A comedy/drama where a brilliant college drop out called mike ross runs away from a drug deal and ends up becoming a lawyer for the amazing harvey Spector one of the best in the business.

Five Artists: 

Kanye west - Never fails to please me with his music, he has great talent and always brings something new and different to the table in each album (Favourite songs - Mercy, Good life, black skinhead and homecoming)

Chase & Status - loved all of there albums, never fails to please with new and brilliant beats some of the best dance/electronic music out there (Favourite songs - No Problem, Time, Lost and not found, flashing lights and Alive)

Blink 182 - In my eyes one of the best american punk/rock bands out there (Favourite songs -All the small things, First Date, I miss you and Up all night)

Imagine Dragons - All round great band, there music is meaning full and there is not one song of theres I dislike (Favourite song - Radioactive, Demons, On top of the world and Its time)

Killers - listened to them when i was younger, great band, still listen to the same songs, never gets old (Favourite songs - Human, Mr brightside, When you were young and All these things that I've done)


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