Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Film Industry Questions

1. What % of global box office was the British film industry
responsible for? 
2. What was this % in 2009? 
3. What might this change indicate about British film?
That the british film industry has got more popular
4. What films have been responsible for this change?
Skyfallharry potter deathly hallows part 2 and the kings
5.What % of the British film industry makes a profit?
6.What % of Hollywood films make a profit?
7.How does that % differ between £2m and £10m budget British
8.What might we infer from this difference?
That the more money put in to the film the more profit you will get
out of it because of the quality 
9.Which age group makes up the largest % of UK cinema goers?
18-24 year olds are the biggest 
10.Why do you think this might be?
Because they are teenagers so they will be wanting to go to the
cinema with there friends to hang out and will be able to drive
them self there also. 
11.Which 'type' of film has seen an 18% drop in attendance?
3D movies have mad a 18% drop
12. Within that 'type' which genre has seen the biggest fall?
Big family films
13. What did Charles Grant put this decline down to?
He thinks they are to expensive
14.Who is Paul Green grass?
A director from England
15.How did he describe the British film industry?
He says that it has changed from what it use to be
16.What did a BFI spokesperson say was the point of less 
profitable low budget British films?
"Tiny budget films, while commercial success is always hoped
for, are successful and beneficial to the industry for other
reasons like skills and training development and for artistic
cultural importance"
17.What was the budget for Filth and how much money did it take?
The budget for Filth was $5,000,000 and it took in $8,280,558
18.What advantage did James McEvoy feel £100m films have over
low budget films?
"He said $100m movies that "sometimes aren't very good" had an
advantage over smaller films because they had a massive budget
to sell the film"
19.What is VOD?
VOD means video on demand
20.What % increase did VOD see last year?
21.What impact might VOD have on distributors and Studios?
It may make the distributors and studios less important and
could also out sell them 
22.What impact has it had on Blockbuster rental stores?
It has forced it to close down stores and become a smaller
business and its is now making less profit because VOD is easier
and more convenient
23.What was unique about Ben Wheatley's 'A Field In England'?
IT was the first film ever to be released simultaneously in
cinemas ,DVD, on the television and through VOD. 
24.What does director of The Machine Caradog James think is the
toughest part of film making?
"The toughest thing is you make a good film but can you get it
to reach an audience? Its events and individuals who champion
independent cinema that give us a profile and any chance of a
mass audience"
25.Why have rules been relaxed on what makes a film 'British'?
The rules have been relaxed to help encourage more investment in
the uk film industry.
26.How has the use of visual effects in films been encouraged
Visual Effects are being encouraged more in the making of films
because they make the film more interesting and different for
the audience which encourages them to watch there productions
which will then boost the ratings and the amount off profit they
27.Name five of these rules and link them to The Kings Speech,
Kill List, The World's End?
-Film Based on British Subject matter or underlying material -
All three films are based in the UK
-Lead characters british citizens or residents - All lead
characters in all three films are british (Colin Firth - The
Kings Speech, Simon Pegg - The Worlds End, Neil Maskell - Kill
-British Director - All three films have british directors
-Film based on British Subject matter or underlying martial -The
worlds end is based on traditional english pubs in English towns
with a twist. Kill list is about to hit men in the north with a
births twist to it. The kings speech is about the English

-Original dialogue recorded mainly in english - All three of the
films where recorded in english 
28.What rules has chancellor George Osbourne announced for tax on British films?
"George Osborne also announced tax relief would be increased from
20% to 25% on the first £20m of qualifying production expenditure.
Productions will also only have to spend 10% of their budgets on UK
expenditure to qualify - down from 25% - to help more independent
production companies and make the UK a more attractive co-production
partner. Mr Osborne will also announced a £5m investment in the
National Film and Television School's Digital Village, to create a
training centre for the UK's digital and creative industries."
29.What is the highest grossing film in UK box office history?

How much has it taken and how many screens was it available on?
It made £94.3m in  the UK and it was shown on 587 screens across the UK and Ireland  

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