Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Textual Analysis and Representation


The Group i think i belong to is the 'skater group' this is because i skateboard for one, also i wear the same brands that fit in to the group such as Stussy, Vans, Supreme. I also watch skateboard videos on youtube all the time and i like to film and take photographs of my self and fellow skaters to. I also think that i fit into the  new casual group as brands such as carhartt and norse projects are fitted in to that group which   are brands that i also like to wear as well. 

Media Figures fashion similar/I use:

There are a few media Figures that dress similar two me and like to wear the same brands as me. One is Tyler The Creator he is also a skater and he wears supreme and is sponsored by them and i like to wear. Another brand he wears that i like is odd future which is a brand based on a group of rappers that he is also in and a lot of them also skateboard. 
Another person i dress similar to is Earl Sweatshirt who is a friend of Tyler the creator and has similar fashion he wears a lot of supreme and a lot of cool and unique patterned shirts, he is also part of odd future as well. 
Also both Tyler and Earl wear there T-shirts, Hoodies/jumpers and shirts baggy which i like to do as well. 
The final person who's fashion is similar to me is Pharell Williams who wears really nice brands such as Bape and he is part of another good brand that i have clothing of called Billionaires Boys Club. He wears really nice shirts and jumpers with cool unique patterns that look really good and i like to wear as well. 
All the people i have mentioned i like to get my ideas of clothing style and brands to wear and i don't dress just like one i like to take certain aspects out go there style and mix them up to create an different outfit. 

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