Monday, 29 September 2014

Dredd Film Fact File

Pre production -

1)The film was produced by Alex Garland, Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich.
2)Lions gate are a entertainment company who distribute films, They are owned by Mark Rachesky (Chairman) Jon Feltheimer (CEO) Michael Burns (Vice Chairman).
3)IM Global is is one of the leading film financing, sales and distribution companies in the world. The company is owned by Stuart Ford (CEO).
4)DNA Films is a British film production company who is owned by Duncan Kenworthy and Andrew Macdonald.They have a close relationship and partner with Fox. 
5)The funding for the production from DNA was $50 million and was split In half with Fox. 
6)Lionsgate announced their three picture deal with IM Global during November 2010.
7)Karl Urban announced his role in Dredd during Comic-Con to the web site.
8) Because the film is based on a comic so fans of the comic and people in general who like film based comics would hear about it and want to go and see it, also people who like star treck would of been there and because he stars init and they like it they will think because he is in it, it ill be good.
9) They made $45 million in pre sales.
10) A distributor payed $7 million to show the film. 
11)It was filmed in Johannesburg and Cape Town Film Studios

Production - 

1)The law govern was designed in 1995 and it apeard in the comic book and the first film. 
2) the mo was designed at the same time as the film Never Let Me Go by Jon Thurn.
3)They felt no pressure in making the 18 certificated film. 
4) The filming of Dredd began on the 12th November 2010 and it took approximately thirteen weeks to do.
5)shot using RED MX cameras and SI2Ks.

Post Production - 

1)There was one main issue that occurred when it came to the editing of Dredd and this was that Travis, the main editor was prohibited in the editing process as there were creative disagreements between some of the production team and executives. 

Distribution - 

1) The film was shown in 2,506 locations and cinemas and 2,200 of them were 3D. 
2) They had a whole section about the film at comic con for under 25's to get the film noticed.
3)To get Dredd viral LG partnered with other publisher 2000AD and Motion Comic and created an online comic strip for people to see that was a prequel to Dredd. 
4) Fantastic Fest. This event is an annual film festival in Austin Texas and was founded in 2005. This would appeal to dreads target market because there will be other films like Dredd there and also its for people who like any type of film. 
5) the film won the Golden Trailer Award
6) Grossed $41 million at box office
7) Budget $45 million 
8) The unusual step they took to get people to see the film was complety getting rid of being able to see it in 2D
9) 18% of people are physical unable to watch 3D films
10) The film ws released at the same time as the film The Raid, the films were very similar to each other. 
11) Dredd in the charts was number 1 selling DVD and Blu-ray
12) This shows it was a bad idea to make it only in 3D
13) 650,000  DVD copies were sold 
14) made $10,623,857 in DVD sales


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