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An ethnicity, or ethnic group, is a socially-defined category of people who identify with each other based on common social, cultural, or national experience. Membership of an ethnic group tends to be defined by a shared cultural heritageancestrymyth of originshistoryhomelandlanguage, or even ideology, and manifests itself through symbolic systems such as religionmythology and ritualcuisinedressing style, physical appearance, etc.

Black people -

Black people are normally stereotyped as thugs, thieves and people to be afraid of. An example of this is in the TV series ‘Topboy’ where the main characters are black and it follows the rise of local drug deals which they are the ring leaders of. This stereotypes against black people as it isn’t a white or Asian person selling drugs. 
Another example of this is from series 3 and 4 in 'skins' where are black boy called Thomas comes form Africa and makes money through selling weed at a club and his business gets bigger and bigger and his family then comes over and lives with him in England. This again stereotypes black people because it is a black person selling the drugs, also it stereotypes black people with immigration witch is a common stereotype. 

Muslim -

An Example of a typical muslim is Amwar of  the TV drama, 'skins' he is a muslim teenager who is rebellious and does not act by the rule of his religion and does not want to be a muslim but he has to do it to impress and please his family. He also has a lot of pressure on him to do well at school and his parents expect him to get the best of grades. These are two stereotypes of muslim teenagers one being rebellious and not actually wanting to be Muslims and just doing it to please his parents as they have expectations of him. The other stereotype being that his parent except him to do really well at school. 
Another example of a stereotype of muslims is terrorism. Since 911 and Bin laden and various other muslim extremist attacks a lot of muslim people are stereotyped as terrorist. An example of this is in the film lions which is a film about a group of muslims learning to be terrorist and trying to do an extremist act. This stereotypes against muslim people as it is not another Ethnicity.

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