Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Regional identity

Accents - Strong glaswison accent
Location - setting - rough streets of glasglow, pubs, endibrough architecture 
Slang - 'wee'=small 
Clothes - Kilts, clothes with a tartan print. 
Pastimes - bag pipes, eating hagis, drinking larger
Attitudes/behaviour - aggressive behaviour

Accents - Whinging accent people find it annoying and that it sounds rough. 
Location - council houses, antisocial behaviour 
Slang - y'alright= are you alright  
Clothes - Track suits, and caps 
Pastimes - watch football, shop lifting 
Attitudes/behaviour - aggressive, always want to fight.

Accents - gerodie, speak very quick
Location - clubs, busy, towns
Slang - ‘Wheyy aye mann’=hello
Clothes - Tight clothes, designer brands
Pastimes - Partying, drinking, football
Attitudes/behaviour - Confident, argumentative 

Accents - Farmer 

Location - Hills, farms, villages small, vintage 
Slang - 'come t' pub'
Clothes - Scruffy, old, vintage, dirty
Pastimes- Farming, fishing
Attitudes/behaviour - friendly, nice

Accents - Brummie
Location - City, busy 
Slang - 'like' 
Clothes - football, shirts, tracksutis, hoodies
Pastimes - Clubbing, shopping
Attitudes/behaviour - rough

Accents - different, unusual, Longwords 
Location - country, fields with cows and sheep 
Slang - ‘Jolch’=thank-you
Clothes - Rugby shirts 
Pastimes - play rugby 
Attitudes/behaviours - Friendly 

Accents - classic accent, strong
location - Cities and country side 
Slang - 'top of the morning to ya' 
Clothes - green clothes 
Pastimes - drink guinness,play rugby   
Attitudes/behaviours - Loud, happy, aggressive 

Accents - Polite but loud 
Location - Big shops, Big cities 
Slang - 'In it' in stead of isn't it 
Clothes - Designer clothes, suits 
Pastimes - Shopping, parties, going out for dinner
Attitudes/Behaviours - Rushed, polite, 

Accents - Loud, confident, outstanding 
Location - Lots of shops
Slang - 'Omg' like' 'Shut up'
Clothes - Fake tan, tight clothes 
Pastimes - Parties, shopping, hosting parties
Attitudes/Behaviours - Friendly, bitchy, Two faced

  • Attitudes/ behaviour

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