Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Questions that will be asked in the exam - on the Avengers

- the issues raised by media ownership in contemporary media practice
The avengers is made by marvel studios this influences its potential success as it is a big company which is well known for its films that it has made before so people who have watched and liked films made by marvel studios will want to go and watch it. Also because they are a big company they will have a higher budget to work with so the film will be better. 
the importance of cross media convergence and synergy in production, distribution and marketing 
All the other films made by marvel studios link into the avengers such as the hulk and iron man. This is a marketing scheme to make people go and watch the film. Because if someone has seen all the marvel films for the characters in the avengers they would want to go and watch this film. This is an example of a synergy. Also disney distributed the film this is an example of an convergence and this would have brought more attention to the film. 
- the technologies that have been introduced in recent years at the levels of production, distribution, marketing and exchange
Because of the different technologies such as 3D, films are now filmed in 3D more now and scenes in a film are purposely there for the 3D. For example in the avengers there are scenes were and object/character comes close to the camera if watching in 3D it would come out of the screen. Also because of Streaming software such as Netflix people now do not buy DVDS as much as it is much cheaper to watch the film on love film or Netflix for example.
- the significance of proliferation in hardware and content for institutions and audience
Film companies have had to change the way they work because of being able to watch and stream films easily on PC, consoles and Phones. When making the avengers they would of had to change the way they make the film so the film can be seen on a small phone screen and a PC screen so more people can watch it. More people will now watch films on there phone and laptops due to the easy accessibility. This means for a film like avengers a large amount of the views of the film will not be from the cinema they will be from people watching the film on there phones/PCs using a streaming site like Netflix.
- the importance of technological convergence for institutions and audiences
Different editing software has came in to help the film industry such as better special effects software for the films so in avengers software like this would have been used a lot. Also better quality cameras such as the IMAX cameras have been developed to improve the quality of films. Also you camera which allow you to shoot in 3D have been developed these camera would have been used to shoot the avengers. 
-the ways in which the candidates’ own experiences of media consumption illustrate wider patterns and trends of audience behaviour. 
Overall the developments in film industry are bad and good. They are good because films are being made at a better quality and people can view them and enjoy them in different ways. People can also view films anywhere they want now through there phone or laptop and on streaming services such as Netflix it is a lot easier to watch films. It is also bad because of streaming services like Netflix people don't feel the need to go to the cinema anymore so film companies are losing out on money. This is bad as the need this money to carry on making high quality films and develop them further.So for the film avengers made by marvel studios there is a good side and a bad side more people will be watching the film because they can watch it anywhere and cheaply through services like netflix. But because less people are going to the cinema they are loosing out on money and will develop there films and quality of film at a slower pace. 

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