Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Representation Of Gender In Luther

In the extract given, the representation of gender is unusual. The man in the extract he is called John Luther. He is represented an an unstereotypical man, The women in the scene (Alice) asks him a lot of questions and seems to be integrating him when stereotypically it would be the opposite way round. This represents him as having a lack of power. Also Alice try's to break him down by talking about his marriage which he starts to go emotional about and goes quite, this is unstereotypical of a man to do as they are known to hide there emotion. Luther resist a sexual advance form alice this is un stereotypical of a man to do as they would normal leap at the opportunity this represents him as being strong willed. The Women who is called alice comes across as an unstereotypical women. She is represented to be strong willed and does not show any emotion this is shown when her dog gets burnt she does not seem bothered about it at all. When talking to Luther she seems to be more in charge and she is the one asking the questions not answering which is unstereotypical as stereotypically the man is normally in charge. She also is represented as manipulative trying to get get Luther to lose control and get angry by winding him up. She is intelligent and knows the female and male dynamic (sex) and ttys to use it on him to connect with him. Another way Alice is represented as very sexual as she expresses her experiences and feelings about it confidently, this is un stereotypical as women are usually quite secure and do not tell other people about there experiences who they aren't close to. Now I'm going to talk about the mise en scene, The clothes that Luther is wearing are very stereotypical he is wearing business dress and the colours are dark greys. He has a 'Manly' haircut as people would say which is a basic crew cut. Also he has a beard which comes across 'Manly'. The clothes that Alice is wearing is again business dress and dull colours which does not come across as very feminine. Also in the scene we see Alice's flat, it is very boring, tidy and clean and almost looks like an office and does not look at all homely which is very unstereotypical. Also in the clip she's talks about a picture of a black hole and refers to 'evil' which represents her as being evil and a psychopath. In the Camerawork at the start there is a pan shot to set the scene. When they enter the room the camera shots are predominately over the shoulder and mid shots as the conversation gets more heated the camera shots turn into close up shots and eventually they are both in the shot which is could a two shot and it is close up. Then it goes back to mid/long shots. When they are staring at each other Luther is shown at a lower angle to make him look taller where as Alice In the clip is shown at a higher angle making her look smaller this is showing that the man is more dominant and the women is looking up to him which is a stereotypical view of the gender roles. Sound, there is non - diegetic sound when alice is talking about the black hole this adds tension to scene. Diagetic sound, Luthers voice, he speaks clearly and confidently this represents him as a confident man witch is a stereotypical representation. Alice's voice is calm and innocent which is stereotypical but this does not represent what she is actually like at all as she comes across as manipulative and evil. The editing in the clip, when one person is talking it puts the camera on the person who is not talking so you can see the retain of what they are saying to them.  

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