Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Representation of the disabled

Stereo Types of the disabled - 

Vulnerable - Artie Abrams from glee is in a wheel chair and is venerable as he can not defend him self. 
Incapable - Walt Jnr in breaking bad, who has cerepal palsy, struggles to do many activities such as driving. 
Left out - Tony in skins when he gets hit by the bus, he seems to get left out more as he can't go to parties. 
Unintelligent - Lenny form the movie of mice and men is represented as being very unintelligent and that his disability holds him back. 
Lonely - Forrest Gump the character is represented as being lonely and know one wanting to asosiate with him because he is different. 
Unattractive - Becky form glee who has down syndrome and is represented as being unattractive and this is a common stereotype
for this disease. 

In this film of mice and men the character Lennie who is mental disabled is represented as, unintelligent as he has avery low mental age and he also acts very childish as you can see in the clip he is a very big guy but starts crying when he gets the mouse took of him. He also gets left out a lot, because he is not normal like the others at the ranch. One night they all go to the town but Lennie does not go because he is not normal and is told to stay behind. He is also represented as incapable as shown in this clip as he is not allowed to keep his own work card because he will loose it. These are all common stereotypes for people who are disabled in films and Tv Dramas

In this Trailer for the movie iron side, Robert T. Ironside is represented as a tough, good looking, strong and acerbic police detective relegated to a wheelchair after a shooting but is hardly limited by his disability as he pushes and prods his hand-picked team to solve the most difficult cases. This movie does not follow any of the stereo types that i have stated above which most tv dramas and movies do. Which is why the film is unique. This movie has took a completely different root and shown that not all disabled people are venerable, incapable, unattractive etc. Its shows that disabled people can sucseed and are not incapble of doing 

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