Monday, 8 December 2014

Cross media convergence and synergy

"Cross media convergence and synergy are vital processes in the successful marketing of media products to audiences." To what extent do you agree with this statement in relation to your media area? 

I agree with this statement because synergy and convergence are vital process for media companies to be able to get there film out to the public and there target audience. cross media convergence is where the film works together accidentally with another company to promote there film. An example of this is youtube. Films always cross media converge with youtube as they put there film trailers on the website to promote the film to the public but youtube wasn't made for film trailers it is just there so they use it for advertising. Another example of this is the social networking site Twitter. Twitter is a platform which allows you to tweet and anyone view it. This is good as a film company can use twitter to write and keep their fans up to date with news about the film. Facebook is another example of a cross convergence is a film company can make a page and people on Facebook can like the page about the film and then they will post statuses and pictures/videos about the film to keep their fans up to date about the film and promote their film. 

Synergy is where a film works with a company to promote their film. An example of this would be when a film company works with a magazine to publish an article about the film. Doing this promotes the film as anyone who buys the magazine will see the advertisement. An example of this would be when planet of the apes worked wiht vice to promote film and they released.

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